Top 10 outdoor team building activities in Marbella

When it comes to creating exceptional outdoor team building activities in Marbella, no one does it better than us.

Best outdoor team building activities in Marbella

We have selected the top 10 outdoor team building activities in Marbella, with all the adrenaline and fun you look for, from the Italian Job to Castaway.

We can provide you with the top options for outdoors team building Marbella, where we are specialists and work with the best suppliers. Our activities have been developed with your company and your staff in mind, to ensure the best experience in Marbella ever.

As an outdoor team building company in Marbella, we are happy to assist, regardless of the team size and your requisites. Everyone will feel welcome and part of the group, thanks to the feel-good ambience that is created, directly reflecting in the place of work. Here is our top 10 outdoor team building Marbella activities.

Need some assistance organising your Marbella outdoors team building? Get in touch today and discover how we can assist you to conceive the perfect outdoor team building activity.


outdoor team building - castaway

Castaway is an engaging, informative, outdoor experience create to get the whole team out of the workplace and comfort zone to learn and experience survival abilities in a cordial, friendly and enjoyable setting designed to encourage and captivate.

Teams will contend in survival challenges, wining precious tools that will help them survive. The option is entirely tailored, based on your business targets and guests’ stamina! This excellent outdoor team building experience in Marbella will leave a long-lasting memory on the group!

Diamond heist

outdoor team building - diamond heist

Diamond Heist is an original and daring outdoor team building experience in Marbella, where you and your group will have to prove you got what it takes to carry out the perfect robbery.

This team building Marbella option is ideal to put teams outside their comfort zone, as they plan and execute their crime. Decision-making abilities, as well as communication aptitudes, are key to thrive in the robbery of the millennium!

GPS treasure hunt

outdoor team building - GPS treasure hunt

GPS Treasure Hunt is the king of outdoors team building Marbella. Thanks to our iPads and their GPS function, the groups will get to discover Marbella while they go on a treasure hunt across the city centre.

All group members will have to play as a team as they follow hints, solve mysteries and codes to move from one challenging task to another. They will receive pop-up alerts to guide them and assist them through their hunt in Marbella. Who will be the first to finalise it?

It's a knockout

outdoor team building - it’s a knockout

It’s a Knockout is the most vibrant, enjoyable and stress-alleviating outdoor team building Marbella. A sensational choice of inflatable games and activities, such as the Inflatable Obstacle Course, the Giant Sumo or Human Table Football, to name but a few.

It is a Knockout that will bring everyone together, irrespective of their job position, as they will have to contend against each other in all activities. This outdoors team building Marbella ensures the maximum fun for everyone, where laughs and a feel-good temper will be a constant.


outdoor team building - segway

Segway lets you personalise your team building option like no other. You could opt from off-road Segways, on-road Segways, discover the city of Marbella leisurely and at your own pace or take part in an obstacle course. Tell us what your requirements are, and we will create a bespoke route for you.

Segways are suited to all publics, are simple to use and do not demand any physical work. After a short introduction, everyone will feel confident to begin their adventure!

Corporate driving day

outdoor team building - corporate driving day

It does not matter if you prefer to drive a quad, a 4×4 or a fancy car. On our Corporate Driving Day, you choose the vehicle you would like to drive, and we will deliver! If you choose a lighter option, karting is equally amusing and exciting and is appropriate for all.

This outdoor team building in Marbella is sensational for growing confidence, developing a strong bond between employees and is also a fantastic stress-reliever for the whole team.

Escape to Eden

outdoor team building - escape to eden

Escape to Eden is an imaginative and stimulating outdoor team building Marbella, where teams will be challenged to construct a sustainable community. By completing several challenges – all with an educational aim, they will soon discover all their actions have an influence on those around them. Every action incurs damage to nature, but they will need to discover the most sustainable way to carry out all duties.

This experience is ideal for firms committed to CSR and the environment, or that wish to help their employees find an environmentally friendly way in their daily lives.

Italian job

outdoor team building - italian job

The Italian Job is the trendiest treasure hunt you could ever envisage! This is an exceptional outdoor team building event in Marbella, where you will need to face different challenges, fitted with an iPad and moving around in a fancy Mini Cooper.

The technology will let you know where the other teams are, with a scoreboard with live results as the groups unlock challenges along the route. This outstanding team building in Marbella will leave long-lasting bonds between staff and managers alike.


outdoor team building - sailing

Sailing is, actually, a team activity, where everyone has to work as a team to succeed. It is an ideal outdoor team building experience in Marbella, where the team will be able to sail through the calm Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing is also a very intrepid and interactive choice, that demands teamwork and coordination. We can personalise your sailing day and plan a race between boats or, if you prefer, just sail comfortably as you sip champagne and eat canapés.

Spy hunt

outdoor team building - spy hunt

Turn into a spy for a day in this outdoor Marbella team building! Spy Hunt is a race against time where groups will have to rescue a burgled highly secret document file before the criminals destroy the city!

Fitted with maps and secret service devices, you will have to accomplish tasks and challenges as you explore Marbella and compete with the other spy teams to discover who is the best spy ever! Who will save the county from the criminals?

Why outdoor team building activities in Marbella?

The weather in Marbella is fairly nice to enjoy most of our team building options outdoors (but we still offer you indoor team building in Marbella!), so we encourage you to enjoy our Marbella outdoor team building choices.

Do you need outdoor team building suggestions to grow the communication between your employees or team members? Would you like to upgrade the creativity of your employees but do not know how? Look no further!

In DMC in Marbella, we can help you fulfil your aims and purposes with an extensive array of outdoor team building options, such as Diamond Heist or Escape to Eden, where creativity is crucial to win.

If you are looking for the adrenaline type of outdoor team building events, Corporate Driving Day and It’s a Knockout are your go-to activities! You will have a wow effect and a fantastic vibe will be instantly created.

All our corporate events can be wholly customised, depending on the size of the group, the level of fitness they have, how much time can you spare and, of course, your budget. We can ensure you that our Marbella outdoors team building will meet your objectives, and everyone will leave feeling brand-new and encouraged for weeks to come. Get in touch for more information or visit our team building in Marbella section for more recommendations

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